Clear Chattanooga @ Work

The work of Clear Chattanooga is both above and below ground. We are Restoring, Repairing and Replacing pipes, equipment and our facilities to serve our City better for generations to come.  Check out our Program Map to see work in your area.


Wastewater Pipe Replacement and Rehabilitation

Clear Chattanooga is investing in the wastewater system City-wide. So far, we have conducted Sanitary Sewer Evaluations (SSES) on 1.3M feet of pipe. The SSES help identify areas where groundwater or stormwater can get into the sewer system through leaky pipes, improper storm drain connections, and other means. As a result of those ongoing evaluations, we replaced and rehabilitated 300,000 feet of pipe so far. These projects are designed to help make sure we can provide the best possible service to our customers. We are committed to protecting the quality of our water resources and being responsible stewards.


There are 3 types of pipe rehabilitation and replacement.

Cured In Place (CIPP)

Cured-in-Place (CIPP) involves inserting a liner into the pipe and heating it to allow it to bond with the pipe. Using this method allows us to repair the pipe without digging it up.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting involves breaking and separating the existing pipe while pulling the new pipe into place.

Open Cut

The “open-cut” method involves digging up a portion of pipe and replacing it with a new pipe.

Hamm Road Equalization Station

Equalization Stations

The current phase of Clear Chattanooga’s work includes the construction of equalization stations. There’s not enough storage capacity in this area’s wastewater system to handle the high volume of wastewater and stormwater during heavy rain events. This causes Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) when the excess water flows into streets, and yards as well as other locations.

Pump Station Construction and Rehabilitation

Clear Chattanooga’s work also involves the construction of two new pump stations, and the replacement and rehabilitation of more than two dozen existing stations. Pump stations help move the wastewater from homes and businesses to the Moccasin Bend Environmental Campus. Clear Chattanooga added pump stations to our system due to the increased demand on the system. We replaced pump stations that were reaching the end of their useful life. Rehabilitating pump stations helps increase their capacity, their performance and improve their reliability.

Citico PS Reliability Project
Citico Pump Station Reliability Project

Moccasin Bend Environmental Campus

Improving performance and reliability was also among the priorities for the Clear Chattanooga’s projects at the Moccasin Bend Environmental Campus. The campus serves more than 70,000 customers in Chattanooga and surrounding counties. It processes more than 65 million gallons of wastewater each day. The projects included the replacement of items such as the thickeners that separate liquid and solid waste as well as the back-up generator and renovations and software upgrades to our control room.